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Quality BathTub Reglazing

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We'll restore your bathtub to its original brilliance quickly and cleanly, all in just a matter of hours.

650x270 reglaze

These are busy times. Why put up with the inconvenience of plumbers, tilers and carpenters coming and going just because your bathtub has worn out? Let BathMaster restore your bathtub to its original brilliance.

Our bathtub reglazing products are second to none. We offer a 5 year warranty on all our residential reglazes. Our durable coating will keep your old tub looking new.

At your convenience, a certified technician will come to your home to reglaze (in your choice of colour) and re-caulk your bathtub. This work can be accomplished in a couple of hours.

A beautiful acrylic wall surround can be installed at the same time your bathtub is being reglazed. This is your best value!

Facts about Reglazing

  • Reglazing is much less expensive and much more convenient than bathtub replacement. You could save up to 75% of the replacement cost.
  • Our work is done one site. Bathtub, tiles or wall surrounds do not have to be removed. Your flooring and plumbing are undisturbed.
  • We can install a beautiful acrylic wall surround at the same time your bathtub is being reglazed. This is your best value!
  • Your bathtub looks new again. Reglazing transforms your hard to clean, dull and worn out bathtub into an easy to clean, brilliant and new finish.
  • Renovating your bathroom? Reglazing your tub is an ideal solution for colour changes.
  • Our certified technicians handle each project with care and our quality materials leave no disturbing odours behind.

Commercial Clients

Hotel, motel and apartment owner all benefit from our one day completion. Simple reglazing jobs are usually completed in half a day, and with multiple units in the same building, often 3 units can be done in a single day. The ease of maintenance with our glazing products make them ideal for commercial face lifts.

Even new bathtubs can meet with accidents resulting in unsightly marks. Through our special colour matching and chip repair process, we can repair this type of unsightly damage.

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Clawfoot Bathtub Restorations

650x270 clawfoot

Bring Your Antique Bathtub Back to Life.

The timeless elegance of a claw foot bathtubs make these beauties sought out by many people for obvious reasons of comfort and style.

Facts about Clawfoot Tub Restoration

  • Clawfoot bathtubs are typically reglazed in our shop, although the interior can be done in your home.
  • Choose from a variety of colours for both the inside and outside of your clawfoot tub. We reglaze to your specifications.
  • Our finish is the finest available.
  • This process takes several days to allow the tub to cure properly.

We also supply original and reglazed clawfoot bathtubs along with a full line of accessories.

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All in One Reglaze

650x270 allinone reglaze

Do you have a one piece bathtub that looks like it came out of the 80's?  No worries, we can easily change the colour of any bathtub.  Above you can see that we changed the bright yellow tub to match the rest of the fixtures in the bathroom.

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